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Ultimate Soft

Ultimate Soft

There really is nothing quite like the feeling of sinking your toes into luxurious, ultra-soft carpet from our Ultimate Soft range. Evolutions in carpet over the years mean that there are more options for feather-touch softness over a range of budgets and a rainbow of colours than ever before.

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  1. Cosmos
    Qantas logo
    Earn 851 Qantas Points
  2. Hideaway Lodge
    Qantas logo
    Earn 705 Qantas Points
  3. Latitude
    Qantas logo
    Earn 1198 Qantas Points
  4. Luxe Shades
    Qantas logo
    Earn 1984 Qantas Points
  5. Luxe Tone
    Qantas logo
    Earn 1295 Qantas Points
  6. Palm Court
    Qantas logo
    Earn 728 Qantas Points
  7. Passionate
    Qantas logo
    Earn 683 Qantas Points
  8. Rising Splendour
    Qantas logo
    Earn 595 Qantas Points
  9. Scenic Eclipse
    Qantas logo
    Earn 773 Qantas Points
  10. Silk Essence
    Qantas logo
    Earn 828 Qantas Points