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Our Australian-made LuxTurf range is the ideal pet and child-friendly solution for residential properties right across Australia. Visit your local Carpet Court store today.


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  1. LuxComfort
  2. LuxCommercial
  3. LuxLife
  4. LuxPremium
  5. LuxReady
  6. PetFresh Granules
  7. PlaySafe - ProPlay 20mm Pads
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Why choose LuxTurf?

  • Less maintenance and improved durability
  • Eliminate all maintenance associated with a natural grass lawn:
    • No mowing
    • No watering
    • No chemical treatment
  • Withstands Australian harsh sun
  • LuxTurf has been rigorously tested and is free of harmful chemicals
  • Australian Made
  • Excellent drainage
  • Family friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for pets
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy installation

Which LuxTurf product is right for you?

LuxTurf is exclusive to Carpet Court and Australian Made. Products range from one of the softest artificial turfs on the market (LuxComfort) to a DIY-friendly option for balconies and courtyards (LuxReady), so you can build your ideal lawn.

Say goodbye to impossible to remove grass stains, let your kids play for as long as they like in the yard, without worrying about the state of their clothes when they come inside.


An Australian Made, high-quality artificial grass, this product is perfect for low maintenance living

Suitable for both kids and pets, LuxComfort is the perfect option for growing families. This lawn is an excellent solution for premium landscapes, backyards and courtyards. A hygienic, resilient and luxurious range, this product is made to withstand high foot traffic and the harsh Aussie climate.


Similar to LuxTurf, LuxPremium is a luxurious artificial grass that delivers a year-round summer aesthetic. Slightly less dense than LuxComfort, LuxPremium still delivers the same benefits of low maintenance living and a family-and-pet friendly environment.


A cost effective, Australian Made artificial grass, LuxLife is designed to meet the needs of all Aussie family homes, landscaping, budgets and lifestyles. An exceptionally durable product, LuxLife provides a stunning natural turf look for your garden.


Great for apartment living, you can lay this artificial turf anywhere without having to worry about shade or drainage. LuxReady is suitable for DIY in areas both big and small, simply cut down to size and place in your desired location. Unlike most other artificial grasses, LuxReady does not require sand infill – making installation stress-free and budget friendly.

How is LuxTurf a family and pet friendly option?

Play Safe foam padding

Play Safe is the best option for impact absorption, increasing comfort and providing fall protection for your kids. Pair your new artificial lawn with our durable and resilient underlay, Play Safe foam padding. An exceptionally resilient underlayment, this range provides unmatched wear resistance.

Our artificial grass is totally safe for children, without any of the harsh fertilisers required by natural lawns. Maximise your young family’s enjoyment by purchasing this high-quality underlay, improving drainage and creating a space that is quick to dry. PlaySafe gives you peace of mind that your kids are playing on a safe and stable surface.

PetFresh granules

If you want your fur babies to enjoy your new artificial lawn as much as you do, pair your new grass with PetFresh granules.

PetFresh granules are made from 100% organic minerals to absorb the odours and ammonia from pet urine. These granules neutralise smells and inhibit bacteria growth, giving you total assurance that your artificial grass will remain clean and in excellent condition. The granules also help decrease the temperature of your lawn, creating a backyard that is cool and comfortable for your pets to play in.

Suitable for all of your family members, our artificial turf is perfect for active pets. Forget your worries about the dogs digging up the lawn, with this range you can let them run wild. Check out Carpet Court for your flooring needs.